A new way for
friends gathering
You always be the last person know about any special event from
famous branch or some of attractive sales campaign?
You always miss a special time of a party just because of getting lost?
You find hard to know if someone has on theirs right way to your event?
Let’s free you from all these problems with FlockFace
How it works?
Step 1 - To Date
You want to set up a date with friends.
Let's create a new FLOCK and pick the location!
Step 2 - Invite
Invite your friends join this FLOCK through message or messaging apps
Step 3 - Join Flock
Join FLOCK, start sharing your location with each others and LET’S PARTY!!!

Establishing an engaged Community

How can you do less in a way that gives you more? We, engineers at
VietSoftware International Inc., believe creative people can change the World.
FlockFace is one of our products that help people less busy, more productive

Be easy,
take your time
Flying over the Nest
Never get bored when FlockFace
is in your hand. Chances to run into a friend,
explore an interesting place,
or join an exciting concert with your pals…


gathering friends faster
Dinner at your place, have lunch outside,
or a drink after work… FlockFace helps you find
an appropriate time at an interesting place
to hang out with your friends and family.
Discovering best-loved places
Famous places, pleasurable resorts,
delicious restaurants, inspiring cafes..
Never forget a place you love,
it is forever saved to FlockFace
Caring and Sharing
Built for sharing and interacting
with friends and family,
FlockFace creates a new way to show
how much you carefor your beloved.
making new friends Easily
Naturally discovering someone
who have something in common
with you through FlockFace,
and being friend with them is so easy.
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